Dog training 101: What to expect


Class Times and Dates:

  • Our next Puppy Class will start up Spring 2019.
  • Please call us to schedule your dog's Obedience Training or Specialty Training course.

What To Expect From Us:

  • Your dog will stay with us for several weeks. During that time, we will reset bad behaviors using the Mattox Method
  • By living away from their owners in a farm like environment, the dogs will encounter a structured lifestyle that will cause them to adapt to our loving and ordered lifestyle. 
  • We will treat your dog as if they were our own. 
  • In our house, the dogs always come first. 
  • We will exercise, groom and ensure your dog is receiving the best nutrition while they are staying with us.

What We Expect From You:

  • We require the first 4 weeks to be paid upfront.
  • Please be on time. If you cannot make a lesson, let us know and we can reschedule.
  • Listen to our instructions and follow all our directions exactly.

Materials You Will Need:

  • We will make an individualized plan that is specific for your dog's needs.

Nutrition And Health:

  • Before a dog comes to us, we must ensure the dog is in good health and up to date on shots.
  • Nutrition is key factor in the health and training of a dog.
  • At Mattox Dog Training Academy, we use raw meat and our homemade supplements, vitamins and minerals.
  • You must provide dry food for your dog and we will provide the rest. 

Follow Up:

  • Two weeks after the training, we ask you to come back for a follow up. We can work on anything you need clarification or on any issues that may have arisen while at home. 
  • This follow up visit is included in the cost of training.